Creamy Vegan Polenta with Black Bean Burgers

For the last day of term 1 the Hands On Food Team made a delicious new meal of vegan polenta topped with garlic roast mushrooms, slow-roast tomatoes and black/red bean burgers. To make the polenta creamy we made seventeen batches of almond milk – rich and creamy (see recipe here ). Firstly we sauteed onion in the pan, then added the polenta, and after stirring it briefly over the heat, we gradually added all seventeen litres of almond milk! It was really creamy and delicious, topped with garlic roast mushrooms, slow-roast cherry tomatoes and burgers made from black and red beans. All students were engaged and focussed, and enjoyed not only cooking the meal, but also serving the customers. For dessert we had soft-serve coconut ice-cream (yes, vegan) topped with passionfruit or carob sauce – of course the kids really enjoyed dispensing and serving the ice-cream!

Great end of term everyone, ka pai. For Stuff article from the night see

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PNBHS Chia “Cheesecake” in a Glass

PNBHS students prepare for their restaurant night in May, working on the dessert. After learning some finer knife skills they make a simple but delicious chia pudding in a glass. See recipe here:

Quite some creative flair unleashed – each glass looking different from the previous, with varying combinations of colours and patterns.


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Fresh Tomato & Basil Soup

Last Thursday for dinner the Hands-On Team peeled lots of fresh spray-free tomatoes, added fresh home-grown basil, carrot, onion and seasonings to make a delicious fresh tomato soup. The other half of the team made a delicious organic butternut hummus with Moroccan spices, which was served on chunky sourdough toast along with the hot soup.

The team also made vegan ice-cream from coconut cream, soy milk, maple syrup and guar gum in the soft-serve machine, and served with either maple, passionfruit or carob topping. YUM! A favourite with young and old alike.

The left over soup was bottled and preserved, for winter use 🙂


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Tasty Stir-Fry

PNBHS students made delicious stir-fry this week in Wholegrain Organics’ kitchen. First we cubed tofu, and stir-fried it with seasonings until crispy and golden, then set it aside. Then, over a high heat, we quickly stir-fried our garlic and ginger, then added our finely sliced vegetables. Once the vegetables were al-dente we added our glaze, stired it through until clear and bubbling, then added the tofu back in, and served over a plate of bean-sprout noodles (pre-seasoned with a touch of olive oil, stock powder and Bragg liquid seasoning.)


Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their stir-fry, the tofu being the hero of the dish. Simple, colourful and tasty.

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Bread Rolls and Herbs!

North Street Primary Roimata Toroa year 7 & 8 students enjoyed making wholegrain bread rolls at Wholegrain Organics’ Bakery today, followed by a grain and flour presentation. After this we all drove down to our herb garden, and looked at the scent and flavour of many different herbs. After harvesting the herbs we needed for our vegetable soup (thyme, sage and parsley) we lent a hand in mulching the newly planted sage, thyme and chives plants.

IMG_0532 Ka pai everyone. Great teamwork in making the soup in the afternoon, and great teamwork in eating all those rolls and all that vegetable soup! Awesome day team.

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