Organic Apricot Balls

After watching “Did You Know 2016” the class discussed how we as technologists can make decisions that have the best possible impact on our planet. We then rolled up our sleeves and made organic apricot balls – a guilt-free treat made from organic dried apricots, almonds, coconut, coconut oil, orange zest and vanilla powder. We experimented with food processing the nuts and coconut until it started to form a nut-butter-like consistency before we added the dried apricots. We focussed on equal portion sizes and evenly spherical shaped balls.


After chilling our sweet treats in the freezer each pair made a batch of “instant ice-cream” along the lines of Jamie Oliver’s 45-second ice-cream (we substituted soy milk for yoghurt). Each pair could choose between frozen strawberries, raspberries and bananas (or a combo). We all sat down and enjoyed a bowl of “instant ice-cream” and taste tested our apricot balls which are destined for the Feilding Farmers’ Market.

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