Anti-Cranky Spread or Instant Ice-Cream Anyone?

The new term has started and we were happy to welcome two new groups of Feilding Intermediate students.

Last Friday the Food Technology Extension group discussed how to produce a dessert to meet a specific need – dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free and healthy. The students thought it might be quite a challenge, but were surprised at how easy and delicious it was to make varieties of “instant ice-cream” using frozen berries, persimmons and bananas. We added a dash of soy or oat milk and a couple of tablespoons of honey to our frozen fruit, then processed it just enough to make it smooth and creamy, but still frozen. We then enjoyed “the fruits of our labours” – and no one seemed to mind that it was a cold winter’s day 🙂

After that the year 8 Food Technology Rotation group set about producing a tasty savoury spread that is high in B vitamins, reflected in its name, “Anti-Cranky Spread.” We learnt how to crush and peel the garlic, how to weigh and measure accurately, and how difficult it is to get your finished spread into the glass jar without making a mess!

We also discussed the first of eight principles of sustainable food – local and seasonal. The students came up with a large number of reasons why local and seasonal food is best: best for our health, best for the environment and best for supporting our local economy.

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