Enthusiastic Cooks

The Friday (5 August) group of students at Feilding Intermediate were so enthusiastic and capable that we attempted—and mastered—three separate recipes. First we followed the recipe for coconut muesli, watching each step closely because another school is using the muesli we made. The tricky part was keeping an eye on the baking times and turning it about every 10 minutes to avoid burning. Most of the students managed to get it golden brown.


The second recipe was for apricot balls, which also involved adhering closely to the recipe, because others would be eating the end product. The ingredients required blending but not cooking, then rolling the balls in coconut and refrigerating. Very yummy was the verdict.

Finally there was just enough time to experiment making bircher muesli. Here the students could use their creativity and choose which ingredients to add to the organic oats. The finished glasses looked great topped with frozen blueberries and almonds. This simple recipe can be made at home by the students, using whatever type of milk, dried or frozen fruit and nuts that are preferred.

The students tasted all three products and took home a snaplock bag of coconut muesli which they can also make for their families.

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