Experimenting with Fennel

This afternoon at Youth Space it was all about fennel. We roasted it and we braised it and we also blended it into a fennel pesto.


The pesto was delicious and definitely a keeper. If the season will allow this is a must for the menu at the end-of-year dinner. The black olive dressing complemented the sweetness of the fennel very nicely. We all agreed that the roasted fennel root was the best. What we learnt is that we should cut the core out of the fennel root before roasting it, so that it all roasts evenly. If we let the fennel root colour a little as it caramelises that intensifies the flavour nicely too.

Potato was a good combination with the fennel. We boiled the fennel root for this, but next time we think we should par-boil and then finish by baking it in the oven. Mix a little of the pesto through, then add fresh tomatoes and basil and serve warm, or cold as a delicious salad.



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