FIS Students Use New Skills to Prepare Shared Lunch

Last Friday was our final class for our current food technology rotation. So we decided to make lunch together – in fact a restaurant-quality seasonal pasta dish

The students paired up to make the various components: roasting cubes of organic butternut pumpkin, cooking the locally-made pasta, finely slicing mushrooms, mincing parsnip, carrot and leek, and chopping the fresh herbs.

All these finished components were shared around and each pair made a pan with all the ingredients in the correct order and cooked just enough – there were no second chances and all the students managed to produce a yummy meal.


We discussed the eight principles of sustainable food we applied: Local & Seasonal, Organic, Reduce Waste & Packaging, Less Meat & Dairy, No At-Risk Fish, Fair Trade, Health & Well Being, Food Democracy.

If you would like to try our recipe for “Seasonal Pasta” yourself, the recipe is on our blog at

Our extension class continued with our MYLK (milk with a difference) theme. This time we made our own rice milk. We used brown rice that had been simmered for three hours. It was easily blended with water to make a milk. The result was a thick milk, which was enjoyed by a few students. But the majority of us agreed that this recipe needs further development. It is the cheapest milk to make, as one cup of brown rice makes around 4 litres of milk!

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