Have you ever tried Scrambled Tofu?

Have you tried scrambled tofu?  As we receive many requests from those on a vegan diet, scrambled tofu is a good alternative to scrambled eggs.  Tofu is high in protein and will take on the flavour of what you decide to add to it.

Flavouring is no problem, we used tarragon, garlic, stock powder, salt, nutritional yeast, paprika (which also adds a nice colour), parsley, onion and so on….easy to under or over season so tasting as you go is important on this one. Probably we overseasoned on this occasion – good learning curve.

The harder thing with scrambled tofu is to get the right texture.  If you want the scrambled tofu moist there is a little trick.  Using vegetable stock, once all the tofu is scrambled in the pan with all the ingredients adding flavour mixed in then add a tablespoon of vegetable stock at a time.  Making sure not to add the next tablespoon until the tofu has soaked up all the moisture.  By eye you can tell when it is enough, we used three tablespoons per block of tofu.

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