Preserving Lemons at Youth Space

This evening we washed and preserved organic lemons – using salt, lemon juice and fresh herbs.
Preserved lemons add a big punch of flavour: heavy citrus, heavy floral notes from the oils in the peel, and ultimately pleasant savoury taste. It’s that extra something in the background of a dish that heightens your curiosity. Preserved lemons have a soft texture and a deep flavour.

One of those things that gets even better with age we will have to wait a couple of months before trying them with pasta, grain salads, stews, in dressings, with potato and/or fennel and olives. Maybe even desserts with yoghurt and a little honey. Can’t wait to experiment.

We also experimented with broccoli soup today and found that temperature and time taken during steaming of the broccoli and between steaming and blending – makes a huge difference to having a lively and full taste in the soup. Using a high temperature with short cooking time and blending immediately is the way to go and the taste difference with no change in ingredients, only method was very noticeable.

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