End-of-Year Dinner at Youth Space

On Sunday evening the Hands-On Food team, consisting of local intermediate and high school students, catered for the ‘End-of-Year Dinner’ 2016.

Youth Space on the corner of Coleman Mall and George Street became a pop-up restaurant. Once the dining room was decorated and the 3 course dinner prepared the students served approx. 55 guests composed of Youth Space and Library staff, PNCET staff, Wholegrain Organics staff and customers, local City Councillors, representatives from the schools involved in the program, parents and siblings of the team.

The team met the challenge by joyfully serving a tasty and healthy dinner while presentations were given showing in pictures the aims that were met over the last 6 months, and plans of a purpose-built training kitchen for youth in the Manawatu.

The training kitchen is part of a commercial organic bakery, trendy vegan café and shop. Connecting the student’s education to the wider community makes the public a key partner – the instant feedback is a valuable means of evaluation which the public are pleased to contribute. This results in students who are active and visible members of the community and achieves the vision of the New Zealand Curriculum which is to see “young people who will be confident, connected, actively involved, life-long learners.”

The public are positive about participating in a program that supports young people. Guests enjoy being served by young people and observing them having fun in their work.

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