Portobello Mushroom Night

The Hands-On Team kicked off term 2 with the fairly ambitious meal of “Portobello Mushroom Tempeh Burger” served with lemon rosemary “chips”. While many of the students had one of their best cooking nights with us, flat-out on the pans and all hands on deck in the prep, we felt the final meal did prove to be a bit too ambitious, so we will have another crack at it – capturing just as much flavour, but we’ll come up with a more realistic assembly procedure! We think it’s really important for the students to experience success on the plate every time. And while being busy is great, we also want it to be achievable for them!

A bit of knife practice was needed for successfully scoring the portobellos (without cutting right through) before rubbing them in vegan garlic “butter” prior to roasting. A delicious rub was made for the tempeh with smoked paprika, garlic and various seasonings. Organic red onions and capsicums were very finely diced – great knife skills team, then briefly pan fried before serving over the smashed avocado. Fresh locally grown spray-free spinach was wilted in the pan just prior to serving.

Preparing the plates was a lot of fun, quite a production-line of students involved! Pan fry the capsicum/red onion mixture, wilt the spinach, plate the roasted portobellos, fill one with smashed avo, top with capsicum/red onion mix, top that with lettuce then the roasted tempeh slice and drizzle with parsley oil, in the other portobello add the wilted spinach and fresh slices of tomato, lightly dusted with salt. Now add some hot lemon rosemary “chips” and voila, a tasty meal!


Vegan ice-cream with 3 toppings was enjoyed for dessert Рthe students have become quite proficient at making and dispensing the ice-creams.

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