Parsnip Pasta

The last two Thursdays the Hands-On team has been busy spiralizing parsnip into fettucine! Lightly pre-baked in the oven, it is topped with creamy cashew and mushroom sauce and served with salad. Heaps of positive feedback from customers – amazingly the parsnip has a look, feel and texture and taste like fettucine, and the cashew cream sauce mixed with mushroom broth and topped with shitake mushrooms creates a delicious meal.


Meanwhile another group of students were busy producing their first batch of sauerkraut! We used a mix of green and red organic cabbage, and organic beetroot to make a tasty sauerkraut, which the students will pack into jars this week. We tasted it earlier today, it’s coming on really well. Our sauerkraut is made just from cabbage and salt, and it ferments naturally to make a probiotic product which is great tasting and great for our digestion.

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