Our New Production has started!

Two weeks ago on Thursday afternoon we started our new production of sauerkraut with the Hands-On team. We mixed green and red cabbage, with beetroot. After we sorted through our organic cabbages and removed the outer leaves, it was time to shred the veges in the food processor. Then we added salt and smooshed the cabbage and beetroot with our hands until the cabbage juice developed. We packed the mixture into our pickling pot and then went home to await the sauerkraut process. It was interesting to see the cabbage bubbling as the fermentation process started. We learnt that eating fermented foods introduces beneficial bacteria into your digestive system which helps the immune system.

The following week when we came together again, it was time to taste our sauerkraut before putting it into jars. Some of us really liked “the crunch” of the pickled cabbage, others the “beetrooty, earthy” flavour. We were quite excited when it was time to transfer it into jars, print the labels and then label the jars. We placed our new Hands-On product in the display fridge, where it’s now available for sale, here at Wholegrain Organics.

Last Thursday we also served our Hands-On fresh sauerkraut as an accompaniment to home made potato cakes, topped with a cashew herb creme and a salad featuring roasted tempeh cubes.

We will be making more Hands-On sauerkraut soon 🙂

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