Awatapu Student Hosted Dinner 2017

A great evening – after 7 weeks of learning how to make roast pumpkin soup, chickpea patties, chickpea curry, butternut hummus, parsnip “pasta”, creamy mushroom sauce, and other delicious & nutritious vegan meals, the Awatapu team of students came a final time and prepared a 3-course feast for 48 guests.

First we made the mushroom broth, as that needs to simmer for 1.5 hours. Then the tofu went in the oven (for the salad). The girls spiralised the parsnip (quite a bit!) into pasta, which was lightly baked (8 mins @ 185 degrees). The broth got turned into a creamy mushroom sauce with the addition of cashew cream, and the roast pumpkin soup got started. After it was cooked and delicious it was blended batch by batch until creamy. A well earned break around 4PM where we all enjoyed some pizza, then we got really busy doing last minute prep. Once all the food was prepared we arranged the dining room, and quickly assembled a few more chairs! (Thanks guys). Guests arrived as the last chair was being put together, and they were seated by the students. After a short welcome and karakia (thanks Moana) the soup bowls were brought out. Then the mains were plated in the kitchen, while the diners enjoyed their soup. The final stage – the addition of the hot mushroom sauce, and then the plates can start going out.

Now a short talk from us, and hello from all the students. Then…dessert. 3 actually, a tasting plate šŸ™‚ Everyone very full and happy, a few taking dessert home for later šŸ™‚

Well done team.

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