MANUKURA Hones Knife Skills

Yesterday for food tech we focussed on knife skills – it was amazing how much everyone improved! (Yes a few bandaids later 😉 ) The boys made a vegan potato salad – which required a macedoine (small cube) cut of carrot around 6mm cubed, brunoise (very fine dice around 2mm) of red onion and very finely sliced spring onion – this was quite a challenge, but pleased to say everyone rose to the challenge, and did really well! They steamed the peas and carrots for a few minutes, added herbs and seasonings and made a very creamy dressing – this started with cashew nuts blended with lemon juice, olive oil and sea salt, then we added coconut yoghurt, lemon juice and seasonings. Conclusion: yummy. After all our hard work we enjoyed some vegan pizza – yum, gone very fast!

The girls group also focussed on knife skills, making the “scrambled tofu” meal – this has a brunoise of red onion and macedoine of capsicum, mixed with crumbled seasoned tofu (turmeric, smoked paprika & veg. stock powder). This is fried in a non-stick pan and served on wholegrain toast with garlic mushrooms, wilted spinach and slow-roast tomatoes. Great work girls, and good kai.

Finally the girls had a session with Aneta (nutrition student) about digestion – and how the food moves through our digestive organs, and what we can do to help it all to be healthy!


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