Open Hummus Tofu Burger

Awatapu year 12 students made delicious open burgers last week in the Hands-On kitchen – we started by cubing organic pumpkin, which we coated in freshly ground spices and freshly chopped organic ginger and garlic, which we roasted well. We then seasoned and roasted tofu slices and organic capsicum. Meanwhile, while all the roasting was happening we prepared our hummus base – chickpeas, lemon juice, olive oil, tahini, water, salt, then blended this with the roasted spiced pumpkin to make a delicious creamy hummus.

Students all had a go at plating their own open burger – freshly baked spelt toast, generous toppings of pumpkin hummus, roast capsicum, roasted tofu and topped with a drizzle of lemon/parsley/olive dressing and micro-greens. Yum! We went in for seconds, and even some thirds! Might feature a variation of this on the cafe menu this week, #inspired.

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