MANUKURA make Broccoli, Cauli & Tofu Salad, and Raw Mint Slice

The MANUKURA year 9s came to the kitchen today and made two very yummy things – the boys made a broccoli cauliflower tofu salad with cashew ginger dressing, while the girls made an experimental raw vegan mint slice from all good ingredients.

The broccoli cauliflower salad kept the boys busy on all sides – prepping the cauli and broccoli and blanching/steaming for 2 minutes. We finely diced firm tofu, seasoned it with extra virgin olive oil, vegetable stock, paprika and sea salt before roasting in a hot oven 30 minutes. Meanwhile other boys made some ‘savoury seeds’ to sprinkle on top, which are actually slivered almonds coated in Bragg liquid seasoning (like soy sauce), veg stock powder and a touch of olive oil, then slow roasted until golden and crispy. We also deseeded and sliced fresh tomatoes and finely sliced spring onion. We made a creamy cashew dressing from cashews, ginger, lemon juice and water. The end result – yum. Recipe on our blog:

The mint slice is still in the experimental phase – base from medjool dates, almonds and carob, filling is mainly desiccated coconut that is blended at high speed until it becomes a “butter”, to which we add “greens” powder (broccoli, spinach, spirulina etc), peppermint oil and rice syrup. The topping is pure maple syrup and carob powder with cacao butter. We all decided it was yummy, and we gave samples to customers who also thought it was pretty delicious. Ka pai everyone.

The girls also looked at the role of caffeine in sports drinks (and chocolate) and what it does to us.

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