Rice Primavera and 3 Salads

Thursday night saw the Thursday Hands-On Team making rice primavera (Italian for spring – referring the colours) for dinner service, served with 3 salads, raw mint slice and carob chocolate bars. We had some fun with the mint slice, our third experiment with this new product, always trying to tweak the texture and flavour for the best outcome – our base and filling turned out amazingly this time, but our topping split, the cocoa butter not emulsifying into the maple syrup mixture properly – in the end we had to peel the topping off and investigate the matter further with a few trials – the girls made the failed topping into a delicious mixture with the addition of almond butter, coconut and more peppermint oil which we turned into after-dinner-mint-balls, very yummy, and we made a new topping – this time with very careful and accurate measurements – it worked a treat. We certainly learnt something about emulsifying fats into water-based mixtures and the precision required!

The students setup a production line for plating the dinner – very colourful with 3 different salads. The potato cumin soup was also popular.

Student also enjoyed serving at the till, making drinks to order and serving ice-creams for dessert. Ka pai everyone, great teamwork.


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