Soft-Shell Tacos

The Thursday Hands-On Team served soft-shell tacos with a 3-bean sauce – thickened by baked blitzed cauliflower! We learnt quite a bit about rolling out the soft dough, which is quite sticky! We made 65 tacos, which were quickly baked very hot in the pizza oven – they puffed up into a ball during baking.

We also made hazelnut carob chocolate bars – the packaging for the bars is currently being printed, and we should have it by the end of this week! Watch this space…

After baking the tacos were rubbed with good quality local olive oil, filled with hot bean mixture, fresh lettuce and a corn/capsicum/lime salad and fresh avocado, and dressed with creamy cashew topping.

The sauerkraut is also proving very popular, having sold out of the last batch time to jar up some more – we just received 8 crates of locally grown organic red cabbage which we are turning into sauerkraut this week! Yum…

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