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A yummy, busy evening …

Thursday was a carob chocolate and fritters night! Two groups focused on carob chocolate – packaging and re-tempering a batch, while the other two groups made corn fritters and eggplant oat patties. The corn fritters were a sure thing and delicious, the rest was experimenting and this was fun. It took a few batches before we were happy but then time was short. This kept everyone on their toes. We also blanched green beans which were then stir-fried per order with red onion and cherry tomatoes before serving. Each meal was accompanied with fresh lettuce and a drizzle of cashew topping.
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Do you like artichokes?

Today we were determined to experiment with the artichokes we harvested from our own garden! Together we tried different methods of preparing them, such as frying, cooking and steaming. After tastie-testing the artichokes, most of us were quite sure that we would need to add something, as they are not such a solo item. So we did tests adding lemon juice to some, others with salt, … we thought about a dip, or a marinade which would go with it. In the end we decided to cook brown jasmine rice with some preserved lemons in it and make kind of risotto (rice with artichokes and asparagus combined with creamy cashew topping). We garnished our dish with some salad and cherry tomatoes. An interesting experience for all of us! Some of us were new to artichokes, others of us didn’t like them. But in the end, almost everybody liked the meal very much. Ka pai kids! Good learning experience!

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“Happy Cake” baking … :)

The year 9 girls made “happy cakes” again – after slightly tweaking the recipe. This is a low-fat, high protein cake, with a polenta base, a creamy almond custard filling and fresh fruit set in organic apple juice jelly on top. Beautiful decorating girls!
The girls will also start being assessed on the cake from next week. Both groups will make their cakes indepedently, and complete a write-up on the processes they have used. Continue reading

Carob Chocolate and Yummy Dinner

Today we were a big group which split 4 ways – one group made a new batch of vanilla and passionfruit macaruffles, another group made carob chocolate, tempering it and filling it into the moulds. The other two groups worked on the dinner, one making several batches of almond milk and then using that almond milk to make a big pot of creamy polenta while the other group made the rest of the meal – roast mushrooms, tempeh, cherry tomatoes and asparagus with parsley dressing and salad. We all enjoyed serving the customers; and making, serving (and maybe tasting) our vegan ice-cream again! Continue reading

Happy Cake MANUKURA girls!

MANUKURA Year 9 girls today started on their cakes achievement standard, triallING the new “happy cake” recipe – a polenta/orange juice base topped with a vegan custard and then topped with a jelly made from organic apple juice and agar agar, set with delicious freshly cut fruit. Of course everyone thoroughly enjoyed decorating with the fruit! Look forward to sampling tomorrow…
Ka pai everyone, a low-fat vegan dessert that is light and tasty and contains no refined sugars.

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