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Today each one of our MCHS students baked their own muffins, containing freshly milled wholegrain spelt flour, ground almonds, cashew butter, unrefined sugar (rapadura), agave syrup, soy milk, our own homemade baking powder, pure vanilla powder, lemon zest, lemon juice, organic apples and organic raspberries. They all looked beautiful, topped with a nice carob-chocolate or raspberry-glaze and decorated with some freeze-dried raspberry splinters.

We had a very instructive morning, lots of learning happening!  :-)
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Chop chop chop …

Today we practised our knife skills! Lots of cutting … cabbage, beetroot and carrot julienne – not that easy! The finely sliced veggies we used for an Asian style coleslaw with a peanut-ginger dressing, topped with toasted peanuts and sesame seeds. We served it together with (new season, organic!) baked potatoes, seared tofu and parsley dressing. Some of us also tempered a batch of carob chocolate and others packed finished carob chocolate bars so they can be sold. Good working! See you next week.

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Potato Pizza!!!

A special treat for the MCHS students today – potato base vegan pizza, mmmmmmmh. We each mashed a handful of potatoes with a fork until very smooth, kneaded in chickpea flour and tapioca starch, then carefully rolled out the dough quite thinly. We cut circles out for our pizza bases, which we baked for 8 minutes @ 180. Pizza bases were then ready for topping, combinations of vegan garlic butter, passata, mushrooms, capsicum, red onion, artichokes and zucchini were strewn over the hot bases which we then topped with cashew “cheese” before baking in the stone oven. Everyone agreed they were very delicious. You can find the recipe on our blog here: Continue reading

Colourful Veggies …

Wednesday and Thursday night the students teamed up to prepare a tasty dinner of potatoes served on parsnip puree, lightly roasted asparagus, kumara mash, steamed broccoli and colourful veggie-tofu-skewers. Some of us were busy threading the veggies onto the skewers while others prepared the kumara mash and salad. Others tempered a batch of carob-chocolate. On Thursday we also prepare a delicious dessert of fresh organic strawberries, organic maple syrup and chopped fresh mint which we served with a yummy cashew-pear vanilla cream. Clean tastes and attractive colours. So good 😊

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Yesterday year 9 MANUKURA boys finished their level 1 food technology achievement standard on processing vegan cheesecakes. As each one finished their paperwork they put on an apron and hat and joined the team for some valuable work experience – WHAT A GREAT TEAM! So impressed at their great work ethic and joyful willing contribution. A pleasure to have in this space – customers also impressed with your presence.

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Cookie Time …

Today MCHS students were very engaged in baking cookies. Each student made their own batch of cookies from scratch. We weighed the ingredients carefully, ground the almonds, and mixed everything in a bowl. We formed the dough into a ball with our hands and then rolled it with a rolling pin on baking paper. We cut rounds with cookie cutters and carefully transferred our cookies onto baking trays before baking them. Meanwhile we also made from scratch two batches of carob chocolate, in which we dipped the baked cookies. We managed to half-dip all the cookies, just in time! We each packed 5 cookies in a cellophane bag to take home. Really yummy cookies, the rest are sitting in a jar on our counter waiting to be consumed. 😊 Continue reading

Rice-Bowl, Waffles & Cookies

We were happy to see some new faces among us! It was another busy Thursday-eveningfor the Hands-On Team. We again served the “rice bowl” dinner of organic broccoli, asparagus and tofu in a tamari ginger sauce with avocado and topped with black and white sesame seeds, on a bed of brown jasmine rice. We also baked fresh waffles made with rice and quinoa, cashew butter and linseeds. Quinoa is very high in protein and contains unlike many other foods all the amino acids. Linseeds contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids and can be used in the combination with water as egg-replacement. Again we had different options to choose from how to top the waffles – this time also ice cream! Most popular was still our carob-spread with banana slices and some freeze-dried raspberries. The buckwheat-almond cookies half dipped in carob chocolate were on the go too.
Some of us made more chocolate bars – this time the raspberry one!
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