Learning about Rubbish? :-D  

This morning the students continued learning about food safety and hygiene. We spoke about how to dispose of rubbish in a safe way and how to prevent AND eliminate pests. We then got practical – we took all the rubbish to the rubbish bins outside, dealt with it as we had just learnt, and rinsed the bins. After that we went on a pest hunt! Good news is we didn’t find any 😊 Not even signs pointing to them. Then we thought about what we would have done if we had found some and how to prevent pests in a commercial kitchen. For this the students went around with a camera, photographing different methods pest prevention. Everyone did a great job! After that we became the “waffle demo team” – that was fun. We baked gluten free, dairy free waffles, made from buckwheat and millet. Some of us made the waffles and others had a great time offering tasters to the customers out on the street! We also gave recipes to take home and nutrition information about the GF grains millet and buckwheat we had used.

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