Happy-Cake Assessment

The MANUKURA girls were also assessed. They baked a “Happy Cake” – a vegan cake which is low in fat and high in protein, in fact the carbohydrates, fat and protein are well  balanced, which means you can enjoy it, knowing it will nourish your body! On top of this fact it is just very yummy and looks nice with all the colorful fruit on top.
The girls first baked the base, which is made with polenta. Then they cooked the filling containing soy milk, tofu (being rich in protein), almonds and agave syrup, some vanilla and orange zest. On top of the cream we placed a layer of some nicely arranged fruit. This is set with a jelly made of organic apple juice and agar agar (a seaweed).
The girls focused very much, but at the same time had a lot of fun too. They were efficient and worked in a very tidy manner. we had some brilliant and “happy” cake results! 🙂 The girls also described their work in a written part. Ka pai girls!

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