Awatapu College plant-based cooking challenge

It was great to have the Awatapu College senior students here with us at Wholegrain Organics today. They are taking part in a 7-week sustainable cooking workshop. The highlight of this course will be a student-hosted dinner that the team will prepare for their families, school teachers and Wholegrain Organics customers at the end of March.

An exciting time ahead of us. Today we made a dairy-free potato gratin, with a delicious creamy filling made from macadamia nuts, cashew nuts, tofu and soy milk. We enjoyed sitting down together and sharing this simple meal. Ka pai everyone.

2 thoughts on “Awatapu College plant-based cooking challenge

  1. It’s Grace here, thank you so much had an amazing experience and very yummy food 😍 and lovely people can’t wait to do it again next week 😊


    1. Hi Grace, we are happy you enjoyed the first cooking session. It’s great having young people who are enthusiastic about learning new skills here with us at Wholegrain Organics. We are looking forward to getting to know you better and to organising the student hosted dinner together as a highlight of this 7-week course.


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