Tomato & Basil Soup … Yum!

On Tuesday, we were just a small group of 3 students. Since it is summer, we have a lot of spray-free tomatoes from local farmers. We also have our own fresh basil. Using this opportunity, we decided to cook tomato soup and prepare some bruschette, made with our freshly milled wholegrain organic wheat flour and topped with a little garlic butter and a fresh tomato-basil mixture.
For the soup, we washed the tomatoes and blanched them briefly in hot water. As soon as the skin popped we transferred them into ice water, so the skin would come off easily. One student took care of transferring the tomatoes from hot to cold water. Another peeled them and the third chopped carrots, onions and garlic, which we cooked together with the peeled tomatoes. We added the freshly picked basil and, at the end, blended it all together.
While we cooked the soup, we cut up tomatoes and basil to put on our bruschette, which we baked in the pizza stone oven.
Everyone was spot-on. We managed to finish everything in time and could enjoy the results of our cooking. It was delicious! Ka pai guys!

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