Awatapu College Students cater for a group of 18 people who visit Wholegrain Organics!

A new group of students from Awatapu College were challenged with quite a task today! Visitors from Manukura and their guests from Alaska wanted to have lunch at Wholegrain Organics café and they asked for pumpkin soup. So we practiced our knife skills by cubing 6kg of butternut pumpkin, slicing the celery and carrots, and learning the correct way to peel and chop fresh garlic and ginger. We then sprinkled the pumpkin cubes with spices, before roasting in the oven. Once baked, the pumpkin was blended with onion, garlic, carrots, celery, seasonings and coconut cream, to create a warming and satisfying soup. The students enjoyed sampling the soup. Later on we heard that our visitors found the soup very yummy too! Well done team! What a great preparation for the student-hosted dinner that will be a highlight of our course.

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