Carncot school starts Hands-On food technology & nutrition classes!

What happens in your body after you swallow your food? How long is the journey inside you and what problems are likely to happen?
Today at Hands-on Food we took a journey through the digestive system. As incisor teeth and molars we cut and ground up oats, mixing it with water (“saliva”) to make a paste. We passed this on to our “stomach” which churned and squeezed the mixture. Here more water was added. Our body has the amazing ability to share water between the blood and the digestive system. Then the gooey part – into the small intestine where the body can extract all the nutrition for every cell in the body. Finally we moved to our very patient large intestine, where the water is reclaimed and sent back to the liver for cleaning, and waste is disposed of. We learned how important it is to drink a lot of water, and that our stomach needs a rest in between meals. So we managed to travel through all 8-9 meters of the digestive system – what an amazing and compact body we have.

As food technologists we tasted different types of plan- based milks – almond, soy, coconut, rice, and the oat milk we made in our digestive system activity. Some were smooth, some lumpy. Some tasted like porridge or rice, some we liked and some we didn’t!  We went home with a yummy nourishing berry smoothie made with home-made almond milk and “our Carncot oat milk.”  We’re looking forward to learning some great cooking skills in the next weeks and then using them to make a yummy dinner for the parents and teachers.

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