Awatapu College students back @ the Hands-On spray-free student farm

It was great to have our Friday farming group back @ the spray-free student farm this Friday, along with a few new faces 😊.

We started by planting 100 oak leaf lettuces, 40 spring onions, 150 broccoli and 196 winter corn salad seedlings. We are looking forward to using some of these at our upcoming Awatapu student-hosted dinner, mid June.

While some were planting, others were preparing a creamy vegetable soup, and stoking our campfire. A good challenge to keep the fire going and gathering enough dry firewood! Also to chop enough kumara, potatoes, butternut pumpkin, and onions into even cubes, and to slice carrot and celery thinly, to feed all 15 of us! We picked some

fresh sage to season the soup and added cashew nut cream, peas and edamame at the end – what a delicious and warming lunch it was, full of flavour and different textures! We enjoyed eating it round the fire 😊.

If you would like to make this recipe at home, here is a link to our recipe blog:

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