Preparing for the upcoming Awatapu College student-hosted dinner in June

In our plant-based cooking class today, we challenged ourselves and tried new flavours!

We baked butternut pumpkins, then scooped out the middle, filling the hollows with a black Beluga lentil and quinoa mixture. We seasoned it with rosemary, lime zest, lime juice, spring onion, oregano and olives – great ideas everyone.

We learnt that lentils are legumes – that benefit our health by adding protein, essential vitamins, minerals, and fibre to our diet. We also tried quinoa for the first time and found out that this annual seed-producing flowering plant is grown as a grain crop. And it’s very high in protein, magnesium, B vitamins and iron – which combined with lentils and veges creates a nutritious and satisfying meal.

Each student filled their pumpkin, doing their best to present it to a restaurant standard. Good practice before the dinner night everyone.

We also tried out our new sourdough gluten-free rosemary & olive bread. We all agreed it’s very yummy, so we would like to serve it as the entrée at the student-hosted dinner. We practiced how we could present it as an appetiser in an attractive way.

We are looking forward to the Awatapu College student-hosted dinner on Monday, 17 June 2019.

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