Cholesterol – tricky, sticky stuff

Cholesterol – our body makes it all the time, but many people are busy trying to lower their cholesterol intake – what’s the deal? Today at Hands-On Food, we looked at how extra cholesterol will start to build up inside our blood vessels (especially if we don’t eat enough fruit and veggies), and will make it more difficult for our blood to move. This is hard work for the heart and makes us tired. We demonstrated a symbolic unrestricted flow of blood in a healthy blood vessel, compared with another where the blood flow was hindered by cholesterol. So, the doctor recommends to cut back on bad cholesterol containing foods, especially saturated animal fats and dairy. But what’s a cheese-loving person to eat if they need to avoid dairy products?!

Enter the humble nut … High in protein, healthy fats and flavour, nuts can make a great cheesy sauce. So today we made potato gratin with macadamia, cashew & tofu “cheesy” sauce. Many tears showed our dedication to dicing the onion finely! We layered the sauce carefully, using scales to be accurate. What a yummy dish it was!
But what are we to do about all that built-up cholesterol? It can be removed by antioxidants – found especially in dark-coloured fruits and veggies. So eating more fruit and veggies both prevents and cures the cholesterol problem 😊

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