Awatapu College Student-Hosted Dinner

If you expect much, then you will also attempt much.  Yesterday our dinner team was challenged two hours prior to guests arriving with a change in format for their dinner – we quickly needed to rearrange the dining tables and chairs and prepare 9 extra place settings! The challenge was positively received by all, no sign of defeat here.

The surprise was that our students would be joining our guests for dinner. The tables were rearranged as one long family-style table, and together we enjoyed the seasonal butternut pumpkin roasted and filled with quinoa and lentils topped with onion and mushroom gravy and served with lamb’s lettuce.

The Awatapu Gateway students generously decided to contribute their time and energy and join the Awatapu kitchen workshop team in preparing and serving the 3 course meal.  The Awatapu garden team grew some of the produce used in the dinner. Great to be a part of this team and atmosphere, right through to the last course of triple carob cake served with raspberry sauce and coconut-vanilla yoghurt.


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