Carncot prepares for their first ever dinner…

We’re revving up for the first ever Carncot dinner! Next week in fact… Today we were preparing the tart cases for our desserts – four teams all mixing, rolling and cutting out dough, while some prepared the trays and Charlotte and Amy minded the oven with an eagle eye. Such small items bake in less than 6 minutes, don’t want them to burn! Echo did an excellent job of translating for our visiting chinese students, greatly appreciated with the different situations that came up! Marcus was class photographer for a while – check out his pics in this blog! Tony learned a wacky hack that anyone can use if they don’t have a rolling pin… just ask him what he used if you want to know. Trays into the oven, trays out of the oven, gently extract the tart cases – mind that you don’t damage them, they’re delicate when they’re hot. Too hot still? Put them in the freezer for a few minutes! Extract the tart cases and fill the trays with the next cutouts. We were a regular production line…  Anna and a friend kept making cookie shapes while everyone tidied up like a hive of bees, then we quickly zipped downstairs to the café to practice our song, much to the amusement and delight of two customers. (How’s that for live entertainment!?) And while we practiced, the team upstairs quickly decorated the last trays of cookies with melted carob chocolate, oops, it didn’t all set before it was time to head back to base… Looking forward to the dinner next week, get a good sleep before that, team!
(There’s a hidden pic in there of the production team making muesli with Fred too…)

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