Carncot travels through the digestive system…

Today was the first day for the second group from Carncot.  Thanks for focussing so well during induction, now you know where most things are kept and what to do if there’s a spill… So we discussed different diseases that could be connected with food. You’re right guys, the more processed food is, the less healthy it is. And yes, some meats have been connected with cancer, which is one reason why we work with plant-based foods here at Hands-on Foods.

Today’s focus was a hands-on approach to learning the digestive system. Travelling through the digestive system at a rapid rate, we cut and ground our oats (incisors and molars), mixed the oat powder with water (what is saliva for – digestion starts in the mouth, right?!) and then into some ziploc bags they went. These bags represent our stomach, a nifty piece of equipment which is only as good as how well you chew your food.  Once the stomach has squeezed its contents to a mush, it squirts it 3ml at a time into the intestines. What fun we had with our intestines – sticky, gooey, slimy stuff coming through! Is this really how the small intestine works? Yes, it squeezes and absorbs through the intestine wall which is only 1 cell thick. It all goes to the liver for filtering and distribution to the whole body so you can run and jump and think  and shout… The body is a marvel of engineering.

Re-absorbtion of water at the end really showed us how important it is to drink water. If we don’t drink enough water, the end of the line gets stiff and hard to manipulate.

We tidied up – good teamworking guys, great dishwashing skills – and then went on to test different types of plant-based milk. What is the colour, texture and taste? Some favourites came out – the oat milk we had made in our digestion activity was sweet, yum. There were also some screwed up noses!

While we analyzed the milks our diligent year 8’s were busy making batches of smoothies for us all to have. Yum, strawberry and raspberry with fresh almond milk and dates. A satisfying break in a busy day. See you next week, team!

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