A Plus Holiday program makes pasta for lunch…

What a great time we had together this wednesday – 10 kids between the ages of 9 and 12, and our aim was to make our lunch together and learn some things about wholegrains in just 2 hours. So what is a wholegrain? We looked at a variety of different grains – the red quinoa, the triangle shaped buckwheat, the tiny tiny amaranth, and yellow corn, brown rice, and wheat. Wholegrains have different layers. The outer bran makes wheat brown. We tried breaking the wheat grains open – they are white inside. When the bran is removed we get white flour. There’s far less nutrition in white flour than in brown flour. We want all those vitamins and minerals so  that we can run and play and think – so let’s use brown flour. We used a hand mill to grind grains into flour – that was fun! Then we watched some flour and water go through a pasta machine, wow, instant spirals!

Onto the cooking – Yes, we know how to carry a knife safely, with the point down… We split into two groups – one making a yummy tomato basil sauce, and one making nut balls. It was so much fun dunking the tomatoes in boiling water then into ice water to split the skins. Our onion chopping group laughed at onion tears and did a great job at cutting the onions finely. While some washed dishes, others cooked the pasta, make carrot sticks, and made a berry smoothie for dessert.

We ate in the Wholegrain Organics cafe – some of us loved the nut balls, others loved the pasta sauce,and everybody loved the carrot sticks. There were some foods that some of us had never eaten before – good on you for trying new flavours, perhaps you even found a new favourite food in the berry smoothie…


Great teamwork guys, and what a satisfying meal we had. Hope to see you again next holidays!

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