What is spinach good for?

Dark green, leafy spinach – so tender and yummy, and grown right here in Palmerston North… What is it good for and why do we want to eat it? (apart from the fact that it’s so yummy)… Spinach is very high in iron. Today we discussed how our body uses iron to carry oxygen around – iron is like an oxygen transporting container. We. need. oxygen. for. every. single. cell. in. our. body! Without iron and oxygen, we can’t run and jump and climb trees and do math tests. So spinach is a good source of iron, let’s use it in a curry with pumpkin and tofu (tofu is also high in iron)

Our curry was made tasty with just turmeric, coriander, cumin, ginger, garlic and onion. We roasted the tofu cubes and the pumpkin cubes in these tasty ingredients, braised the onion, added chopped tomato and coconut cream, simmered it, added the tofu and pumpkin, and right at the end we put that fresh spinach in. Click on the link for the recipe of the pumpkin, spinach & tofu curry. 

Some great teamwork in the cleaning up, everyone, and we had time to enjoy our high-in-iron curry together before heading back to base.

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