Dessert in a cup

How can we make a large amount of stunning desserts in a short amount of time? The right recipe is a good start… In anticipation for our upcoming dinner, we tried out the chia ‘cheesecake in a cup’. It has a nutty base and a creamy, delicious filling.

We soaked the dates, blixed the nuts in the food processor, zested lemon rind and got our chia seed mixture soaking. Then we divided out our base mixture between cups and pressed it flat. By then the filling was set and well mixed, so we layered it with some frozen raspberries, cleaned up and did the big taste test all together – yum!

Chia seeds are little powerhouses of nutrition, and great for the digestive system. When soaked, they absorb a lot of liquid. It means they can take on a lot of flavour as well as bringing a lot of liquid for the body to absorb. Being seeds, they’re also high in B vitamins, which as we learned, are needed for a healthy brain and nervous system…

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