Great day on the farm…

We had a blast. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the grass was green, and we relished being outside on the farm. The five team leaders meant that we could split into smaller groups and get a lot done, rotating with the cooking group all the time. 

There was plenty to do! Lettuce, broccoli and chives to plant, mulch to rake, mulch to distribute, watering, and of course, cooking over the open fire. We made baked beans – lots of onion and garlic to braise in the pan, with smoke coming in at our stirrers from every side. Hats, they found, are a good smoke shield, if you pull them low over the eyes…

Why do so much with mulch? Not only does it regulate the moisture levels in the soil and suppress weeds, but it also protects the soil against the elements and provides a rich source of nutrition for earthworms and soil alike.

It was so rejuvenating to eat together outside in the fresh air. Corn chips, cashew ‘cheese’ sauce, carrot sticks, fresh lettuce, and baked beans done with tomato sauce and kidney beans made a delicious meal.

Meg powered through a pile of dishes – thanks Meg –  and we finished off with a game about vitamins – do you know your vitamin A, B, C’s?

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