Carncot Student Hosted Dinner

What a fun day we had!  It was full-on with making chickpea patties, blending up the mixture and forming the sticky balls, making the warm beetroot dish – eee, the beetroot juice made it look like we were bleeding! – and making the dessert – how super careful this team had to be; our dessert glasses had to be SPOTLESS! Wholegrain organic pizzas were our dinner, the most popular one being garlic. We learned how to set a table nicely  and made a colourful salad. Dishes, dishes and more dishes, we practiced our skit and put out the guest name tags, heated up the BBQ sauce, and time was ticking on… A quick change of aprons and tidy ourselves up and the big event was on! More than 30 guests showed up. We had such fun serving you all 🙂 It was great to give food that we knew was high in vitamin A, B and C, as well as many other nutrients.

All in all, this was the culmination of 10 weeks of cooking classes, we learned about whole foods, how to apply various cooking skills, and more about communication and working as a team. We practiced endurance and of course, endured many onion tears…   We’re really looking forward to next year when we take up this course again, and learn more about how different parts of the body work and what they need in order to function properly.


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