Organic gardening class @ Tai Wānanga TŪ TOA – session 2

We began our second session of organic gardening with a game of about 40 vegetable and herb cards that needed to be grouped according to their plant families. After researching it together, we briefly talked about our findings and then went to the gardens to gain a “hands-on experience.” 🙂
We weeded the sweetcorn patch, prepared mulch for planting spring onions, and started an experiment with an area of the garden that has very high weed pressure. After removing the weeds, we sowed a cover crop mix containing oats, pea, vetch and sorghum. One half of this area will be covered with a mulch layer, while the other half remains bare. In the coming weeks we will observe the development of the cover crop as well as the weeds and we will draw conclusions from our experiment.
After a very brief explanation of the tractor and the rotary hoe, Pa Chris took some students for a ride on the tractor while he cultivated one of the garden beds. We’re looking forward to the organic gardening class next week 🙂

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