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Yesterday year 9 MANUKURA boys finished their level 1 food technology achievement standard on processing vegan cheesecakes. As each one finished their paperwork they put on an apron and hat and joined the team for some valuable work experience – WHAT A GREAT TEAM! So impressed at their great work ethic and joyful willing contribution. A pleasure to have in this space – customers also impressed with your presence.

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Happy Cake MANUKURA girls!

MANUKURA Year 9 girls today started on their cakes achievement standard, triallING the new “happy cake” recipe – a polenta/orange juice base topped with a vegan custard and then topped with a jelly made from organic apple juice and agar agar, set with delicious freshly cut fruit. Of course everyone thoroughly enjoyed decorating with the fruit! Look forward to sampling tomorrow…
Ka pai everyone, a low-fat vegan dessert that is light and tasty and contains no refined sugars.

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Vegan Cheesecake, Lemon Berry Beet Slice and 13 boys!

Today the MANUKURA Year 9 boys worked in the Wholegrain Organics kitchen – starting on their CAKES achievement standard – vegan cheesecakes! Some practised on passionfruit cheesecake, others on strawberry cheesecake and some lemon-berry-beet slice. They all got highly engaged and made some great looking cakes. Will cut them tomorrow once they’re fully set and everyone can taste what they did. Ka pai.

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Food Safety and Jelly Tip Slice!

Today we started Unit Standard 167 – the food safety course with students from different high schools attending. After learning about the importance of personal hygiene, and how to really prevent food contamination, we put our knowledge into action in the kitchen and made a large tray of the very yummy jelly tip slice. Mmmmm all those organic raspberries, delish. And the topping, sticky, gooey, almond butter, virgin raw coconut oil, carob powder, rice syrup and coconut cream.

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Awatapu Make Millet Burger Stacks

Trial run for the 3-course vegan dinner they are serving tonight, the Awatapu seniors made millet burger stacks last Wednesday. All students found the burger stacks really delicious, here is how we made the stack:

  • stick to hold it all together
  • millet patty #2
  • cashew topping
  • avocado
  • corn fiesta salad (with lime dressing)
  • beetroot walnut salad
  • lettuce
  • peanut satay sauce
  • millet patty #1

The millet patties themselves are very simple – millet cooked in a mixture of water, soy milk and seasonings, then sauteed onion & garlic is mixed in along with a touch of tomato passata, spring onion slices and capsicum cubes. Looking forward to the dinner! Continue reading

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