Awatapu Make Millet Burger Stacks

Trial run for the 3-course vegan dinner they are serving tonight, the Awatapu seniors made millet burger stacks last Wednesday. All students found the burger stacks really delicious, here is how we made the stack:

  • stick to hold it all together
  • millet patty #2
  • cashew topping
  • avocado
  • corn fiesta salad (with lime dressing)
  • beetroot walnut salad
  • lettuce
  • peanut satay sauce
  • millet patty #1

The millet patties themselves are very simple – millet cooked in a mixture of water, soy milk and seasonings, then sauteed onion & garlic is mixed in along with a touch of tomato passata, spring onion slices and capsicum cubes. Looking forward to the dinner! Continue reading

Awatapu make Raw Mint Slice

Something different! Awatapu year 12s really enjoyed making a dessert this week – the raw mint slice. Base made from medjool dates, carob powder, almonds, coconut. Filling from coconut that you blend at high speed until to turns into a paste! Amazing. Coloured with organic greens powder. Flavoured with organic essential peppermint oil. Sweetened with a little rice syrup. Icing topping made with 100% pure organic maple syrup mixed with carob powder, and cocoa butter – then sprinkled with a little sea salt.

The class was split into two, each half making one recipe each. They both turned out really well – and we all agreed they tasted delicious! Ka pai.

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Awatapu make a colourful salad

Awatapu students made cauliflower broccoli salad in the Wholegrain Organics’ kitchen yesterday – colourful and seasonal, with a cashew ginger dressing. They enjoyed using the Robot Coupe to blend and cook the cashews into a cream – amazing how you start with cashews and water, add lemon and salt, and end up with a super creamy thick white sauce!

Recipe here:

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Open Hummus Tofu Burger

Awatapu year 12 students made delicious open burgers last week in the Hands-On kitchen – we started by cubing organic pumpkin, which we coated in freshly ground spices and freshly chopped organic ginger and garlic, which we roasted well. We then seasoned and roasted tofu slices and organic capsicum. Meanwhile, while all the roasting was happening we prepared our hummus base – chickpeas, lemon juice, olive oil, tahini, water, salt, then blended this with the roasted spiced pumpkin to make a delicious creamy hummus.

Students all had a go at plating their own open burger – freshly baked spelt toast, generous toppings of pumpkin hummus, roast capsicum, roasted tofu and topped with a drizzle of lemon/parsley/olive dressing and micro-greens. Yum! We went in for seconds, and even some thirds! Might feature a variation of this on the cafe menu this week, #inspired. Continue reading