Freyberg High School

Jardinère, Macédoine, Brunoise, Julienne, Paysanne, Chiffonade…??

Yes, these are actually French words – classic French cookery terms for specific vegetable cuts. Freyberg TPU students have been working towards their Hospitality level 2 unit standard “Fruit & Vegetable Cuts” requiring them to master each of these techniques. It’s been a lot of fun – when the care is taken with the cutting, the salads, for example, look so appealing – that attention to detail comes through, even in the flavour. This week we’ve featured a beetroot salad made of brunoise of beetroot – all hand diced, it is a pleasure to eat!

Brunoise – very small diced cube, 1-3mm (parsnip in this picture – makes delicious parsnip “riosotto”)

Macédoine – diced cube 5mm (great for carrot)

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End of Year Dinner 2015

This was a lively event with the Hands-On Food team catering for and serving a group of 40 people – including parents, family, youth space staff, members of the PNCET (Palmerston North City Environment Trust) and Wholegrain Organics customers.


Tables Being Set

From its beginning Hands-On Food decided that where a request by schools for workshops or food technology classes was made the answer would be ‘yes’, without asking for something in return.  The only requirement being that we would run the Hands-On Food program intact.

The program now enjoys the support of;

  • Local schools (Feilding and Palmerston North)
  • PNCC and the Youth Space
  • PNCET (Palmerston North City Environmental Trust)
  • Wholegrain Organics
  • Students and their families

The dinner was an opportunity to thank these people for teaming up with the aim of providing for;

  • Food technology classes in schools
  • The connection of students with the wider community via product development and face-to-face or online sales and catering
  • Youth Space once per week plant-based cafe

Preparing Capsicums

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Freyberg Highschool Cooking for Credits

During the last week of the school holidays Hands-On Food took a food technology class for years 11 and 12.  After a practice run on a similar project, the students made a vegan cheesecake from beginning to end with absolute silence and Naomi marking as she walked the room with a clipboard – intense.  But loads of fun and the students involved all say they would do it again.

As a result we have a number of Strawberry and Peanut Butter Salted Caramel Vegan, and where possible Organic, Cheesecakes for sale.  Also at reduced prices of $45 per whole cheesecake and $25 per half cheesecake.  Or simply come and sample a slice for $5.  We will be in The Square on Tuesday the 13/10/2015 from 11am until 4pm.  Look for the white trailer (looks like a horse float) with the red canopy.

collecting ingredients


Base Ingredients into the Food Processor

base firmness test

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