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Hands-On Dinner Nights start up next week!

Hands-On Dinner Nights start up next week! The Hands-On Food team will be preparing delicious and nourishing plant-based meals from 2 & 3 May again.

Every Wednesday and Thursday during the school term, young people from local schools in Palmerston North enthusiastically join us in making vegan meals in the registered kitchen @ Wholegrain Organics. Dinner service starts at 6pm. If you would like to pop in and check it out, just choose Wednesday or Thursday evening and enjoy a carefully prepared meal at a vegan family table. Come to Wholegrain Organics, 134 The Square, Palmerston North (next to Number 1 Shoes).


Hands-On Food Senior Group

The first term of the school year is over and what a great time we had. We have been reflecting on our Hands-On Food Senior (school year 12+) cooking workshops. We learnt some yummy plant-based dishes, like butternut pumpkin curry, eggplant & zucchini lasagne, potato gratin, snow peas & pumpkin dinner salad, and tomato & basil soup. The highlight of each evening was sitting down and sharing a family meal together.

We will continue with seniors’ classes this coming term too – an exciting opportunity for students to learn about plant-based cooking, wholesale production, running a restaurant night for the public, or catering for local business events. If you are interested in joining the Tuesday team, email us: contact@handsonfood.nz, call 06-328 5917 or pop in and see us (134 The Square, Palmerston North next to Number 1 shoes).

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Hands-On Team Firepit Dinners!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our new firepit and the dinners we have cooked on it. We are learning how to control the temperature just right for grilling the corn on the cob, and we have tried our hand at quinoa, rice, potatoes, tofu (several times!), and peanut satay sauce! The salad is growing in the field, as are the green beans at the moment, so fresh, so yum.

So nice that so many parents and family members have been able to come and enjoy the quiet setting and yummy food with us, a great way to spend a mid-week evening!

Very thankful for this place.

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Good Teamwork!

The Hands-On Dinner group on Wednesdays and Thursdays has been very productive lately. We prepared a yummy dish containing corn fritters and black bean salad with red onions, cherry tomatoes and a green salad. Some of us mixed two very yummy and refreshing spritzers made with strawberry/basil or orange/rosemary and sparkling mineral water. We also prepared the broccoli-cauliflower salad for the next day, produced new batches of vanilla and passion fruit macaruffles and tempered more raspberry carob chocolate bars. And some even helped pack the chocolate bars. Very good team working! Continue reading

Colourful Veggies …

Wednesday and Thursday night the students teamed up to prepare a tasty dinner of potatoes served on parsnip puree, lightly roasted asparagus, kumara mash, steamed broccoli and colourful veggie-tofu-skewers. Some of us were busy threading the veggies onto the skewers while others prepared the kumara mash and salad. Others tempered a batch of carob-chocolate. On Thursday we also prepare a delicious dessert of fresh organic strawberries, organic maple syrup and chopped fresh mint which we served with a yummy cashew-pear vanilla cream. Clean tastes and attractive colours. So good 😊

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Rice-Bowl, Waffles & Cookies

We were happy to see some new faces among us! It was another busy Thursday-eveningfor the Hands-On Team. We again served the “rice bowl” dinner of organic broccoli, asparagus and tofu in a tamari ginger sauce with avocado and topped with black and white sesame seeds, on a bed of brown jasmine rice. We also baked fresh waffles made with rice and quinoa, cashew butter and linseeds. Quinoa is very high in protein and contains unlike many other foods all the amino acids. Linseeds contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids and can be used in the combination with water as egg-replacement. Again we had different options to choose from how to top the waffles – this time also ice cream! Most popular was still our carob-spread with banana slices and some freeze-dried raspberries. The buckwheat-almond cookies half dipped in carob chocolate were on the go too.
Some of us made more chocolate bars – this time the raspberry one!
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Hands-On Dinner tonight

Today the Hands-On team split into 3 groups – one group prepared the “rice bowl” dinner of organic broccoli, asparagus and tofu in a tamari ginger sauce with avocado and topped with black and white sesame seeds. This was on a bed of brown jasmine rice.

The second group prepared waffles and some delicious almonds/buckwheat cookies which we half dipped in carob-chocolate, yummy! One waffle variety was made with rice and quinoa, cashew butter and linseeds (quinoa being rich in protein) and the other variety was made with buckwheat, almond butter, linseeds and pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are for example rich in unsaturated fats, proteins and magnesium, but also contain iron and zinc. The linseeds contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids and can be used in the combination with water as egg-replacement. The waffles were topped with a variety of sweet or savoury toppings, reaching from the two most popular choices from tonight: carob chocolate spread with sliced banana and some freeze-dried raspberries to anti-cranky spread with some fresh basil and sliced cherry tomatoes and some olive oil with infused lemon and fennel and some more options.

The third group of our Hands-On team tonight focused on getting some more carob chocolate bars ready, which they managed very well. We all had fun and were very busy serving the customers who came by. Have a nice evening! Continue reading

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