MANUKURA Hones Knife Skills

Yesterday for food tech we focussed on knife skills – it was amazing how much everyone improved! (Yes a few bandaids later 😉 ) The boys made a vegan potato salad – which required a macedoine (small cube) cut of carrot around 6mm cubed, brunoise (very fine dice around 2mm) of red onion and very finely sliced spring onion – this was quite a challenge, but pleased to say everyone rose to the challenge, and did really well! They steamed the peas and carrots for a few minutes, added herbs and seasonings and made a very creamy dressing – this started with cashew nuts blended with lemon juice, olive oil and sea salt, then we added coconut yoghurt, lemon juice and seasonings. Conclusion: yummy. After all our hard work we enjoyed some vegan pizza – yum, gone very fast!

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Carrot Kumara Soup

MANUKURA juniors had an awesome first day yesterday making carrot kumara soup at Wholegrain Organics’ kitchen. They also tried their hand at cutting homemade bread into straight slices – harder than it looks! We all had a go at plating up, decorating the soup with coconut cream swirls, roast capsicum slices, spring onion we (tried) to slice thinly on the diagonal and toasted savoury almond slivers.

After eating the soup with garlic “buttered” (vegan) toast we sat down for a discussion about nutrition and the digestion – very interesting stuff…

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