Today each one of our MCHS students baked their own muffins, containing freshly milled wholegrain spelt flour, ground almonds, cashew butter, unrefined sugar (rapadura), agave syrup, soy milk, our own homemade baking powder, pure vanilla powder, lemon zest, lemon juice, organic apples and organic raspberries. They all looked beautiful, topped with a nice carob-chocolate or raspberry-glaze and decorated with some freeze-dried raspberry splinters.

We had a very instructive morning, lots of learning happening!  :-)
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Chop chop chop …

Today we practised our knife skills! Lots of cutting … cabbage, beetroot and carrot julienne – not that easy! The finely sliced veggies we used for an Asian style coleslaw with a peanut-ginger dressing, topped with toasted peanuts and sesame seeds. We served it together with (new season, organic!) baked potatoes, seared tofu and parsley dressing. Some of us also tempered a batch of carob chocolate and others packed finished carob chocolate bars so they can be sold. Good working! See you next week.

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Hands-On Dinner tonight

Today the Hands-On team split into 3 groups – one group prepared the “rice bowl” dinner of organic broccoli, asparagus and tofu in a tamari ginger sauce with avocado and topped with black and white sesame seeds. This was on a bed of brown jasmine rice.

The second group prepared waffles and some delicious almonds/buckwheat cookies which we half dipped in carob-chocolate, yummy! One waffle variety was made with rice and quinoa, cashew butter and linseeds (quinoa being rich in protein) and the other variety was made with buckwheat, almond butter, linseeds and pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are for example rich in unsaturated fats, proteins and magnesium, but also contain iron and zinc. The linseeds contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids and can be used in the combination with water as egg-replacement. The waffles were topped with a variety of sweet or savoury toppings, reaching from the two most popular choices from tonight: carob chocolate spread with sliced banana and some freeze-dried raspberries to anti-cranky spread with some fresh basil and sliced cherry tomatoes and some olive oil with infused lemon and fennel and some more options.

The third group of our Hands-On team tonight focused on getting some more carob chocolate bars ready, which they managed very well. We all had fun and were very busy serving the customers who came by. Have a nice evening! Continue reading

Happy-Cake Assessment

The MANUKURA girls were also assessed. They baked a “Happy Cake” – a vegan cake which is low in fat and high in protein, in fact the carbohydrates, fat and protein are well  balanced, which means you can enjoy it, knowing it will nourish your body! On top of this fact it is just very yummy and looks nice with all the colorful fruit on top.
The girls first baked the base, which is made with polenta. Then they cooked the filling containing soy milk, tofu (being rich in protein), almonds and agave syrup, some vanilla and orange zest. On top of the cream we placed a layer of some nicely arranged fruit. This is set with a jelly made of organic apple juice and agar agar (a seaweed).
The girls focused very much, but at the same time had a lot of fun too. They were efficient and worked in a very tidy manner. we had some brilliant and “happy” cake results! 🙂 The girls also described their work in a written part. Ka pai girls! Continue reading

Cheesecake Assessment

Today and last Tuesday the MANUKURA boys were assessed in their cheesecake baking skills. In addition, they did a written part, describing the process of making the cheese cake which included considering health and safety issues, conducting tests along the way to ensure a quality outcome and being very accurate. The boys showed what they had learned the last few weeks and made a selection of strawberry-, mango-passion and peanut butter cheesecakes and we had some very good results for our cabinet. Everybody was very busy… Well done boys! Continue reading

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