MANUKURA Hones Knife Skills

Yesterday for food tech we focussed on knife skills – it was amazing how much everyone improved! (Yes a few bandaids later 😉 ) The boys made a vegan potato salad – which required a macedoine (small cube) cut of carrot around 6mm cubed, brunoise (very fine dice around 2mm) of red onion and very finely sliced spring onion – this was quite a challenge, but pleased to say everyone rose to the challenge, and did really well! They steamed the peas and carrots for a few minutes, added herbs and seasonings and made a very creamy dressing – this started with cashew nuts blended with lemon juice, olive oil and sea salt, then we added coconut yoghurt, lemon juice and seasonings. Conclusion: yummy. After all our hard work we enjoyed some vegan pizza – yum, gone very fast!

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MANUKURA students make bread rolls & Moroccan spiced pumpkin hummus!

The MANUKURA food technology students made a delicious batch of wholegrain bread rolls and roasted pumpkin hummus @ Wholegrain Organics on The Square. They learnt how to knead, form and rise the rolls which are made from just 4 ingredients: wholegrain wheat flour, yeast, salt, water. So simple and so good!

They ground spices, chopped garlic and ginger and coated the cubed pumpkin in all the tasty goodness and roasted it in the oven until soft, then blended it with chickpeas, lemon juice, olive oil, tahini and salt to make a very tasty and nutritious hummus. Ka pai team, and again great teamwork. Your hummus was so good we are serving some of it in our cafe this evening in a fennel tofu stack! Continue reading

Our New Production has started!

Two weeks ago on Thursday afternoon we started our new production of sauerkraut with the Hands-On team. We mixed green and red cabbage, with beetroot. After we sorted through our organic cabbages and removed the outer leaves, it was time to shred the veges in the food processor. Then we added salt and smooshed the cabbage and beetroot with our hands until the cabbage juice developed. We packed the mixture into our pickling pot and then went home to await the sauerkraut process. It was interesting to see the cabbage bubbling as the fermentation process started. We learnt that eating fermented foods introduces beneficial bacteria into your digestive system which helps the immune system.
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