North St School

Bread Rolls and Herbs!

North Street Primary Roimata Toroa year 7 & 8 students enjoyed making wholegrain bread rolls at Wholegrain Organics’ Bakery today, followed by a grain and flour presentation. After this we all drove down to our herb garden, and looked at the scent and flavour of many different herbs. After harvesting the herbs we needed for our vegetable soup (thyme, sage and parsley) we lent a hand in mulching the newly planted sage, thyme and chives plants.

IMG_0532 Ka pai everyone. Great teamwork in making the soup in the afternoon, and great teamwork in eating all those rolls and all that vegetable soup! Awesome day team.

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Bread Rolls, Herbs and Veg. Soup

North Street Primary students, and principal Jo Reiri tried their hand at making wholegrain bread rolls and grinding grain to flour at Wholegrain Organics’ Kitchen in Palmerston North. They also learnt about different herbs in the nearby herb garden, adding cardboard and mulch to¬†prevent weeds growing around the herbs. After that they headed back to school and made a large pot of creamy organic vegan vegetable soup (containing several fresh herbs!), which was enjoyed by all with the rolls. Ka pai everyone, and Happy Birthday to both Whaea Jo and Promise! Hope you enjoyed your birthday not-cheese cheesecake.

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North Street School Baking Experience

Year 7 students from North Street school have been baking wholegrain rolls at Wholegrain Organics’ kitchen on The Square, and cooking a hearty creamy vegetable soup in the Youth Space kitchen (Coleman Mall). Students learnt about 13 different kinds of grain, had turns milling the grain into flour, and sorted the grains into gluten-containing and gluten-free. The rolls turned out delicious and were¬†enjoyed by all with the soup for lunch.

Knife skills came to the fore as everyone was hands on dicing, peeling and slicing an array of vegetables for the organic soup which was thickened with creamed cashews, and flavoured with fresh herbs. The rainy weather seemed to enhance everyone’s appetite! Continue reading