North Street School Baking Experience

Year 7 students from North Street school have been baking wholegrain rolls at Wholegrain Organics’ kitchen on The Square, and cooking a hearty creamy vegetable soup in the Youth Space kitchen (Coleman Mall). Students learnt about 13 different kinds of grain, had turns milling the grain into flour, and sorted the grains into gluten-containing and gluten-free. The rolls turned out delicious and were enjoyed by all with the soup for lunch.

Knife skills came to the fore as everyone was hands on dicing, peeling and slicing an array of vegetables for the organic soup which was thickened with creamed cashews, and flavoured with fresh herbs. The rainy weather seemed to enhance everyone’s appetite! Continue reading

End-of-Year Dinner at Youth Space

On Sunday evening the Hands-On Food team, consisting of local intermediate and high school students, catered for the ‘End-of-Year Dinner’ 2016.

Youth Space on the corner of Coleman Mall and George Street became a pop-up restaurant. Once the dining room was decorated and the 3 course dinner prepared the students served approx. 55 guests composed of Youth Space and Library staff, PNCET staff, Wholegrain Organics staff and customers, local City Councillors, representatives from the schools involved in the program, parents and siblings of the team.

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Instant Ice-Cream at MANUKURA

The MANUKURA juniors thoroughly enjoyed making “instant ice-cream” today from frozen berries, mango and banana. With a dash of milk and a squirt of honey, and a blitz in the food processor they all had their own flavour of ice-cream. We then calculated the sugar content of regular ice-cream (around 6-7 teaspoons per 100g), versus the honey content of ours, (around 2 tsp per 100g).

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Preserving Lemons at Youth Space

This evening we washed and preserved organic lemons – using salt, lemon juice and fresh herbs.
Preserved lemons add a big punch of flavour: heavy citrus, heavy floral notes from the oils in the peel, and ultimately pleasant savoury taste. It’s that extra something in the background of a dish that heightens your curiosity. Preserved lemons have a soft texture and a deep flavour.

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