Anti-Cranky Spread Anyone?

The new food technology rotation class made the popular anti-cranky spread – high in B vitamins (hence the name). After making one batch of the recipe and jarring their end product (the hardest part of the whole process being keeping the neck of the jar clean while filling) we challenged the class to make a second batch without guidance. All pairs rose to the challenge and made an excellent second batch, no burnt garlic in sight, and  clean workspaces. Ka pai team.
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FIS Students Use New Skills to Prepare Shared Lunch

Last Friday was our final class for our current food technology rotation. So we decided to make lunch together – in fact a restaurant-quality seasonal pasta dish

The students paired up to make the various components: roasting cubes of organic butternut pumpkin, cooking the locally-made pasta, finely slicing mushrooms, mincing parsnip, carrot and leek, and chopping the fresh herbs.

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Nutritious snack made by MANUKURA Students

Last Thursday we made a very nutritious snack at MANUKURA. We processed almonds, walnuts, coconut, orange , vanilla and coconut oil and dried apricots together, then formed the dough into large apricot balls which we rolled in coconut. Everyone was focussed on the task of making enough for afternoon snack for 80 students, while maintaining quality control – both even sizes and clean work areas. We also learnt about safe food handling practices today which were carefully noted – ka pai everyone.

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