FIS Students at the Feilding Farmers’ Market Again!

On the final day of the last term the Food Technology class had their first experience of the Feilding Farmers’ Market on Friday. They trialled their savoury Anti-Cranky spread and Apricot balls on community locals. Excellent team work and problem-solving skills as they figured out the best way of offering tasters, considering all stakeholder feedback, answering questions as well as they could and packaging sold products.
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Vegan Crepes

Today the Hands-On team at Youth Space experimented with vegan crepes – we started with the question, “how do you make crepes which are gluten free, egg free, and still amazingly tasty” Our first step was making “linseed egg” by mixing one part ground gold linseeds with 3 parts water, which quickly turns thick and egg-like. To this we added freshly ground whole buckwheat flour, homemade baking powder, sea salt, soy milk and a little corn starch. The crepes turned out light and moist and delicious, much to the hungry cooks’ delight.
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Anti-Cranky Spread Anyone?

The new food technology rotation class made the popular anti-cranky spread – high in B vitamins (hence the name). After making one batch of the recipe and jarring their end product (the hardest part of the whole process being keeping the neck of the jar clean while filling) we challenged the class to make a second batch without guidance. All pairs rose to the challenge and made an excellent second batch, no burnt garlic in sight, and  clean workspaces. Ka pai team.
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