Creative Toppings from our Youth Space Team!

It was a very creative afternoon for the Hands-On Food team at Youth Space today. The task was to come up with toppings for toast that taste and look great. Wholegrain sourdough spelt bread from Wholegrain Organics topped with some unique options including sprouted onion seeds, and tempeh, gave the guys plenty of scope to be artistic, while thinking about which combinations would be best.

We prepared all the toppings together, such as the coriander dressing made with honey and Braggs (a healthy soy sauce), roasted capsicum BBQ sauce, a savoury spread, and many sliced or grated veges. Continue reading

Almond Milk & Protein Bars

Our extension class on Friday morning began investigating MYLK – that’s milk with a difference. The students were amazed to discover we could come up with 24 different types of milk – whereas in their grandparents’ day there was only one type, pasteurised unhomogenised dairy milk, which the milkman delivered in glass bottles with cardboard tops. Then we looked at WHY we have so many different types of milk today. The reasons are many – from lactose intolerance to increased understanding and knowledge about the best sources of calcium for our bones. We saw how milk is produced by many animals for their young, and how cows’ milk is perfectly designed for baby calves (who double their weight in 47 days), rats’ milk for baby rats (who double their weight in 4 days), and human milk for human babies (who double their weight in 180 days). An interesting fact is that humans are the only species to drink milk past the baby years, and to drink another species’ milk.

Continue reading

Protein Bullets made at MANUKURA!

Today the year 9 MANUKURA students took up the food technology challenge to make Protein Bullets from almonds, pumpkin seeds, coconut, dates, carob powder, coconut oil, peanut butter and plant pea protein powder.

Very good after a workout – or for an afternoon snack with a piece of fruit. We discovered that using nuts, seeds and dates, we can make a healthy snack that contains 9g protein, 6g sugars, 17g fat and 12g carbs per bullet.  Great opportunity to learn how to make healthy and yummy choices using simple ingredients.
Ka pai to everyone for their enthusiasm and helpful hands.

Enthusiastic Cooks

The Friday (5 August) group of students at Feilding Intermediate were so enthusiastic and capable that we attempted—and mastered—three separate recipes. First we followed the recipe for coconut muesli, watching each step closely because another school is using the muesli we made. The tricky part was keeping an eye on the baking times and turning it about every 10 minutes to avoid burning. Most of the students managed to get it golden brown. Continue reading

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